How to Make Use of Slots in a Bot Conversation


A SLOT is an abbreviation for “slave of technology” and is a general term for electronic gadget-junkies who can’t live without their new gadgets. It applies to many modern urban teenagers – both guys and girls. It also refers to the underlying problem of the overloaded airports caused by multiple simultaneous flights. The resulting chaos can be a disaster for both sides. Luckily, there are several simple solutions to this problem.

A computer’s expansion slots allow you to expand the capabilities of the computer. These slots are usually made of several closely spaced pinholes and are used to install new components. Many computers today come with an expansion slot, and this enables you to add hardware capabilities as your needs change. These slots can even be used to upgrade the memory and the processor of your computer. Slots and bays are two common types of computer connectors. One type is a PCI slot, while the other is a memory-based slot.

To make use of the corresponding slots in a conversation, the bot will first have to map each slot to its type. For example, a flight code will map to a flight number, and a location will map to a city. Another way is to map each slot to a custom slot type. For example, a location slot could be used to mark a location within an utterance. These are just a few examples.