How Poker Improves Your Quick Instincts


Poker is a game that helps you learn how to make decisions under uncertainty. You can’t see what other players are holding and you don’t know how they’ll bet on the cards that come up. But you can estimate the odds of various scenarios and make the best decision given the information available to you. This is a key skill to have in business, poker or any other area of life.

Another important skill poker teaches you is how to read your opponents. You do this by watching their body language for tells, such as when they’re stressed or bluffing. You also do this by reading their chips to figure out how much confidence they have in their hand. This skill can be useful in business, as you can gauge how much confidence an opponent has in their deal and adjust accordingly.

Quick math skills

There’s no doubt that playing poker improves your quick math skills. When you play poker regularly, you’ll quickly start to be able to calculate the odds of a particular situation in your head. This is a helpful skill because it allows you to make decisions more quickly.

Another way that poker helps improve your quick instincts is by teaching you how to read your opponents’ behavior at the table. This is an important skill because it can give you a leg up in any situation that involves dealing with other people, such as business meetings or giving presentations.